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MedFuse Clinical
Accelerate Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial sponsors, CROs and investigators are having difficulty meeting their patient accrual goals, and the challenge seems to be increasing. Navigating medical products successfully to market and beyond is highly complex, compounded by the needs of stakeholders and the shifting healthcare landscape. MedFuse Clinical provides a solution to this challenge by bringing complex medical claims data and HCP relationship data together on a modern data visualization tool. MedFuse Clinical provides deep insights into patient populations and the Providers caring for them. MedFuse Clinical empowers you to accelerate patient recruiting by:

  • Quickly identifying top physicians by diagnosis, procedure and patient volume
  • Provides comorbid disease filters to identify the right patients
  • Reduces time and cost of recruiting
MedFuse KOL
Innovations for KOL Identification

MedFuse KOL offers you pre-integrated complex healthcare provider data with the flexibility to introduce your data and insights. Easy to use, MedFuse KOL allows you to evaluate and identify prospective KOLs based on your criteria. Cross referencing your HCPs to MedFuse’s deep and comprehensive provider data unlocks new intelligence. MedFuse HCP data eliminates the need for multiple vendors by providing a complete profile for your target KOL.

  • Medical Claims Analysis
  • Peer Networks & Referral Patterns
  • Clinical Trial Experience & Co-Investigators
  • Publications
  • Sunshine Act HCP Spend
  • Sanctions data
MedFuse Data
Integrated Complex Provider Data

MedFuse Data is a comprehensive Healthcare HCP data offering which includes Medical Claims data, Physician Peer Networks, Affiliations, Publications, Sunshine Act and Sanctions data all linked by our proprietary HCP ID. Increasingly our clients need to know more about the HCPs they are engaging with due to competitive and regulatory pressures. MedFuse Data offers you the HCP insights you need for your business today. 

HCP Integrated Data:  The fusion of complex data sources producing new insights  

  • HCP Demographics with Best of Breed address and email
  • Peer Network data. The professional network of your HCP
  • Publications data
  • Affiliations data
  • Sunshine Act Spend data. View the relationship of your HCP with the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sanctions Data - Federal and State

Meet the Team

Vince DeChellis
Co-Founder & Principal
Jim Manousos
Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
Brian Freeman
Chief Information Officer
Steve Paterson
VP Client Operations

Modern Data Visualization

Modern Data Visualization unlocks the potential of integrated disparate data.
Business user friendly tools eliminate the need for IT internal resources.
Speed to insights is delivered.

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