MedFuse™ API Calls

The MedFuse™ API allows users to access our vast health care professional (HCP) database tointegrate our powerful information into your custom or SAS application. The API calls query our MedFuse™ proprietary database of HCPs and returns data on providers who meet the filter criteria specified (geographic location, specialty, degrees, NPI, DEA, etc.). The calls can be accessed in real time by any platform or device that is connected to the cloud. Clients use our data for CRM, ERP, provider validation, sales tools, clinical trial recruiting, identifying potential of thought leaders and more.


MedFuse™ API calls provide access to the following HCP data elements:

  • Cleansed Best of Breed (BOB) Addresses
  • Degrees and specialties
  • NPI, State license and DEA numbers
  • Key opinion leaders (KOL) and clinical trial investigator candidates
  • Practice affiliations, Including hospital, surgery centers, groups, clinics & LTC facilities
  • Medical school education and training data
  •  Training Relationships
    • Medical Schools Peers
    • Residency Peers
    • Fellowship Peers
    • Training Peers
    • Trained by relationships
  • Practice Peers
    • Hospital
    • Hospital Department
    • Surgery Centers
    • Groups
    • Clinics
    • LTC Facilities
  • Referral Peers
    • Actual Referrals by ICD9, ICD-VOL3, CPT, & HCPCS codes
    •  Inferred Referrals by ICD9, ICD-VOL3, CPT, & HCPCS codes
  • Shared Patients
  • Clinical Trial Peers
  • Authorship Peers
  • Clinical Trials by Provider
  • Publications by Provider
  • Sunshine Act data, pharmaceutical to physician payment data related to speaker programs, research, grants, consulting
  • MDM reference data, ICD9 & ICD10 (future), Medical procedures codes (CPT, HCPCS, VOL3), cleansed geography hierarchy

And much more.

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