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The MedFuse™ Database

MedFuse™ data sources and software technology have advanced Health Care Provider (HCP) targeting and analytics to create a new enterprise asset. The MedFuse™ provider search engine and analytical tool affords life science companies, payers, and institutions the opportunity to take advantage of information using data previously too difficult to aggregate. MedFuse™ data consists of provider data resources accessed using the latest technology and BI software. MedFuseTM analyzes complex provider activities across the health care industry and community for timely strategic and tactical business discovery. The database supports deep analysis of HCP contracted services, professional accomplishments, clinical activities, and relationships from medical school to current day practice.

We provide the custom analytics and professional services needed to convert data into accurate, relevant, and actionable information for strategic business solutions. We follow our 5 dimensions of data quality; Accuracy/Traceability, Comparability, Timeliness, Usability, and Relevance.

Professional Activity Tracking

Monitoring Pharma/Biotech/Med-Tech financial transactions with HCPs

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Pre-launch physician & patient targeting

KOL Identification

Support for thought leader identification and relationship targeting

Business Intelligence Solutions

Access to proprietary database platforms for data visualization and enhanced business discovery

Custom Analytics

Consulting and custom analytics for projects and ongoing business support

HCP & Health Care Data

DarkMatter2bd works with clients to define criteria to meet marketing and medical objectives.

EHR Network Services

Leveraging HIT and social media communication channels for improved messaging

Web Services

Data is available on demand through the DarkMatter2bd web portal.
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