KOL Identification

KOL Analysis

The MedFuseTM team works with you to evaluate and identify prospective KOLs based on your criteria. Cross referencing your HCPs to MedFuse’sTM deep and comprehensive HCP data unlocks new intelligence.


Weights & Ranking

MedFuseTM experts work with you to determine the critical metrics for your business. Start by leveraging MedFuseTM HCP data which includes:

  • Clinical Trial Experience & Co-Investigators
  • Medical Claims
  • Peer Networks & Patient Referrals
  • Publications
  • Sunshine Act Spend Data
  • Sanctions Data
  • Affiliations

Customizing weights and rankings is easily accomplished on the MedFuseTM KOL. Gather input and share your results powered by MedFuseTM KOL platform, a modern data visualization platform.

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