Custom Analytics

MedFuseTM is a database/platform that analyzes industry data and HCP activities across a wide range of profiled information. Industry reported payments to HCPs along with other data sets allow users to search and analyze various activities and create selection requirements. Whether tracking industry spend of contracted services or medical claims data the MedFuseTM database provides a top down and bottom up access to previously hard to analyze data transforming it into usable readily available information.
MedFuse provides deep insights below the surface

MedFuseTM provides deep insights below the surface

This active data manipulation and rapid data interrogation offers greater information awareness while exploring specific business objectives. This kind of data manipulation, using the DarkMatter2bd tools and services, enables business end-users the ability to do business and make clinical discoveries based on quantitative information. The DarkMatter2bd, MedFuseTM  database uses QlikView as its navigation BI software and is accessed through a secure server or by using custom reports created by  DarkMatter2bd. MedFuseTM  offers new perspectives and insights on healthcare providers and thought leader profiling to deliver improved targeting and competitive intelligence.



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