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Navigating medical products successfully to market and beyond is highly complex, compounded by the needs of stakeholders (regulatory, payer, patient or prescriber) and the changing healthcare landscape. This exercise requires innovative effort and strategic thinking.

More than ever, industry marketers and researchers must use the latest tools and technology to make informed decisions. The implications for big data, database design and virtual real time analysis has become an increasingly vital component of business discovery.

Our knowledge center offers resources to better understand the MedFuseTM database and how the fusion of disparate data sources can come together to create “big data.”

The DarkMatter2bd Ecosystem is comprised of:

    • MedFuse™ Database: two platforms 1) KeyNet™ for thought leader targeting & 2)ClinTrialAccel+ ™ for provider pre-launch planning
    • EHR Network Services: an HIT communication service used for provider clinical messaging
    • Social Networks: extensive provider and affiliation relationships used for targeting, personalized messaging, and recruitment
    • Real World Data: DarkMatter2bd medical claims data is combined and cross-matched with provider relationships, affiliations, and numerous other data assets.

The MedFuseTM Database

MedFuse™  data sources and software technology utilize advanced Health Care Provider (HCP) targeting and analytics to create a new resource. The MedFuse™ provider search engine and analytical tools afford life science companies, payers, and institutions the opportunity to take advantage of information using data previously too difficult to aggregate. MedFuse™  data consists of provider data across a wide range of sources – cross matched and accessed using the latest technology and BI software. MedFuse™  analyzes complex provider activities throughout their medical careers for timely strategic and tactical business discovery. The database supports deep analysis of HCP contracted services, professional accomplishments, clinical activities, and relationships from medical school to practice.

Sophisticated back-end analytics supports relationship and affiliation cluster analysis.

MedFuse™ Affiliation Tracking for the Life Science

Understanding relationships and affiliations between Healthcare Practitioners (HCP), their practicing locations, and Healthcare Organizations (HCO) is a vital but daunting component of managing healthcare customer data. Understanding what providers diagnose, how they treat, where they see patients, and their connections with the medical community provides valuable insights for improved business decision making.

HCOs and practices are constantly in motion in part prompted by health care reform, the increased use of health information technology (HIT), and the normal churn. Accurately tracking the dynamics of providers, as practices are acquired and as new practice models are created – like Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) – all increase the size, influence, and understanding of professional and organizational relationships. Understanding the complexity of these factors is crucial to BioPharma go- to-market strategies and tactics. As providers change practice locations, the task of optimizing clinical trial and marketing efficiencies requires current, accurate customer information at all levels.

DarkMatter2bd and its partner networks afford Life Science and BioPharma organizations’ resources to better utilize, understand, and make use of provider affiliation and real world data through multiple 3rd party data feeds to unlock data bound information. DarkMatter2bd provides clients the necessary tools and services to understand and leverage data insights using the MedFuse™ database platform.


Understanding HCPs, HCOs, and their Inter-Relationships

DarkMatter2bd solutions help support and establish strategies and tactics for R&D, Sales Operations, Market Research, and Targeting initiatives. We bring together a fast and easy way to view data and facilitate business discovery.

The DarkMatter2bd MedFuse affiliation data enables sales representatives to create linkages  Healthcare Organizations (HCO), Healthcare Professionals (HCP), and locations. MedFuse platform also allows the consolidation of affiliation information. Existing data spread across disparate information silos, spreadsheets, applications, and 3rd party data feeds are integrated to help guide representatives and their customers. In addition, the affiliation information is a way to target and segment providers and accounts.

Visibility and Visualization

Visualization helps users understand provider data and its numerous dimensions. Information is easily accessed to view and understand providers and their clinical connections.

Using BI to Identify Relationships and Affiliations

MedFuse™ is available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform or accessed through our DarkMatter2bd consulting service. Users examine provider diagnostic and procedure practice behaviors at the patient and provider level. The platform supports both R&D (ClinTrialAccel+TM) and commercial initiatives (KeyNet™), tracking providers throughout their medical training and practice careers.

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DarkMatter2bd solutions can provide insight at the granular level to easily unlock information and answer questions from business end users.

  • Who are the key practitioners?
  • What practitioners have the right patient population?
  • Where do they practice?
  • What are the referral patterns?
  • What is the best resource allocation and competitive assessment?
  • What value should be placed on practice locations, investigators, or speakers?

Sophisticated back-end software systems construct cluster analysis of affiliations and provide master data management solutions.

These systems give DarkMatter2bd the service capabilities needed to quickly convert data into accurate, relevant, and actionable information.


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